Lucky Horse’s Wine Industry

Wine industry is the core business of Lucky Horse Group.According to the five strategies of multi-country,multi-place,multi-brand,multi-level,multi-variety,Lucky Horse set up more than 2000 offices and tens of thousands of terminal sale points around the whole country,constructed four marketing centers in South China,East China,West China and North China,formed three-level marketing system with provincial city as center, prefecture-level city as key point,county-level city as radiant point.Lucky Horse also set up the consultant team which was made up of Chairman of OIV,winemakers and marketing giants.It had gathered lots of resources with powerful strength and advantages.Lucky Horse had reached agreements with more than 30 major wine producing countries in the OIV.It had become the exclusive distributors in China or soley brand operator in Asia for the Top10 giants of the world wines and recognized as the “P&G in Wine Industry”by Mckency which is the most authoritative consultancy across the world.